Enjoy our competitive plans and save more with Tisa One.

£ 10 £ 5

per month

  • 2GB of 5G Data
  • 1500 UK mins
  • 80 International mins*
£ 10

per month

  • 10GB of 5G Data
  • Unlimited UK mins
  • 90 International mins*
£ 15

per month

  • 15GB of 5G Data
  • Unlimited UK mins
  • 120 International mins*
£ 29 £ 20

per month

  • 20GB of 5G Data
  • Unlimited UK mins
  • 120 International mins*
£ 25

per month

  • 20GB 5G Data
  • Unlimited UK mins
  • Unlimited International mins*
£ 30

per month

  • Unlimited 5G Data
  • Unlimited UK mins
  • Unlimited International mins*

*See list of countries covered by our International mins

Why Choose a Tisa One Sim Only Plan?

A few good reasons why we highly recommend you give our services a try.

Dependable network

Tisa One is an offering by 9eons Ltd, a wholesale voice and sms business that has served the African and Middle Eastern diaspora in the UK for over a decade. We offer great coverage and 5G is part of our standard offering.

No long term contracts

With our sim only deals, you do not have to sign up to a long term contract. Our monthly plans can be renewed on a monthly basis with no conditions. All you need to do is top up your balance.

fast & simple sign up

It is very easy to sign up for your sim only deal with Tisa One. Simply fill in the form with all the required information and we will ensure we ship your sim in no time.

Great value deals

Choose from our great value for money options. With plans as low as only £5, enjoy your data and calls for next to nothing.

Frequently asked questions (Sim Only Deals)

What is a Tisa One Sim Only Deal?

A Tisa One sim only deal means you receive a sim card that you can insert into your own unlocked mobile device. Along with the sim card you can choose a plan from the various ones we offer that will usually include a combination of minutes(both local and international), data and sms. No contract is required to utilize our plans.

Does Tisa One support 5G?

Yes. As long as your mobile device supports 5G and you are in an area where there is 5G coverage.

Is it possible to get my phone unlocked?

There are mobile devices that are unlocked by default upon purchase and not tied to any contract. However, if your mobile device is contract based, then you can get it unlocked free of charge once the contract has ended. 

Will the Tisa One sim card fit my phone?

Yes. We offer 3 different sizes – standard, micro and nano. The sim pack has perforated edges, so you can easily pop out the sim that’s the right size for your mobile device. If you’re unsure about which size sim you need, please have a look at the instructions that came with your mobile device.

Is the Tisa One network performance reliable?

Tisa One runs on a highly reliable and reputable xxx network. We offer fast and dependable coverage in the UK with speeds exceeding xx mbps. We strive to offer an unmatched service experience.

Will I be tied to a long contract?

No. Tisa One SIM only deals are a cost effective way to get the most out of your mobile phone without having to worry about being tied down to any contract. With our 0% interest TISA SIM only deal you can get the best possible coverage for the fraction of the cost of 12, 18 or 24 month contracted SIMs with one of the other big name providers.

Why should I choose Tisa One Sim only plans?

SIM only deals are a cost effective way to get the most out of your mobile phone without having to worry about being tied down to any contract. you can be in charge of your bundle and usage whilst remaining environmentally friendly and continuing to use the perfectly good handset you have had for the last 2 or 3 years. SIM only deals are also more friendly on your credit rating as credit checks are less rigorous or in some cases not required.

Are Tisa One sim cards expensive?

No. Our sims only cost £4(VAT inclusive) and you can choose a rate plan for as low as £5 that will include data, calls and sms you can use for the entire month.

What kind of plans does Tisa One offer?

We have a plan for everyone. Our lowest priced deal start at £5 with 2GB 5G data with xxx UK mins xxx international mins. We also have a plan that offer fully unlimited on both data and mins for £30.

What about out of bundle costs?

There are no out of bundle costs. Tisa One caps usage at zero until you renew your plan to the same existing or decide to go for another plan. this way you will never receive an unexpected bill in your name.

Can I keep my existing number when moving to Tisa One?

Yes.,you can keep your existing number. For more information please visit our help and support page here.

Can I roam internationally with my Tisa One plan?

Yes. It is free in the EU. Outside of EU, rates may differ. Please visit our rates page here, for more information on this.

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