Using your Tisa SIM
in UAE (Roaming)

International roaming

UAE Roaming with TISA

Stay in contact with family friends while travelling to the United Arab Emirates and enjoying the most affordable rates in the market.


Make calls to the United Kingdom(UK)


Receive calls from the United Kingdom(UK)

Things to remember when roaming

Before you head off, there are a couple of things to remember to make sure you can enjoy your roaming experience while in the UAE.

Use wifi where possible

Using your data abroad can be costly. We always try and give you a good deal, but it is advisable to connect to wifi wherever possible to save you some money.

Ensure roaming is enabled on your device

Tisa will automatically select a network once you are in the UAE. However if you face issues please contact our helpline for assistance.

received calls will also be charged

When you answer a call from the UK, the call will be charged at 15p per minute. So keep this mind when answering calls. Receiving calls from other destinations will be charged at different rate, depending on which zone the destination belongs to. Please check the rates page for relevant information on associated charges.

Monitor your usage

It is important to monitor your usage while abroad to avoid excessive bill amounts. Our quoted rates are only for calls to and from UK, data usage is not covered. If you would like to make use of data, please see our data plans here, otherwise, make use of wifi where possible and turn data roaming off.

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