Empower Remote Workers

work from home, a coffee shop or on the train without missing a call

In this era of permanent home working and flexi working, the need to seamlessly transition into a home or remote working environment is essential. The need to plug a VoIP phone into a home router, the need to have headsets/handsets etc makes working from home a chore. Even an app on the phone that enables calling is dependant on the home broadband coverage.

A TISA FMC SIM is all you would need to empower the homeworkers and road warriors. They can receive calls on their office phone directly to their mobile (exactly as if they were in the office). And more importantly, when they call out, their office Caller ID is displayed to the recipient. All without the need for any mobile data, wifi. Just a 2G signal (99% UK population coverage) is enough to make and receive office calls.

And all of this can be controlled in real time from our intuitive control panel. Check out our FMC SIMs page for further details.

Any SIM orders received by 2pm on a business day will be dispatched by 4pm, via Royal Mail 1st Class post.

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