Call Forwarding

Using USSD Codes

If you need to divert all your incoming calls on your TISA mobile through to another UK geographic (01,02 and 03) or to another UK Mobile number (07xxx), please follow the instructions below.

To activate call forwarding

Dial **21*the phone number you wish to forward to#

eg: **21*02071609703#

To check call forwarding status

Dial ##21#

To cancel all call forwarding

Dial *#21#

Call Forwarding Settings

To manage call forwarding settings on your IPhone

Go to Settings

Scroll down to the Phone option and select it

Navigate to Phone

Scroll down to the Call Forwarding option and select it

Activate the toggle switch

Once turned on, enter the number you wish to forward to. You can enable, disable and check the call forwarding status

To manage call forwarding settings on your Android Device

1: Open Phone App

Go to the phone app and click on the three dots.

 2: Select Settings

Select settings from the drop down menu

3: Navigate to Call Forwarding

Depending on the device, call forwarding might be under supplementary services

4: Enter the number

Enter the number you’d like to forward calls to and press OK/Turn On.

A phone icon with an arrow at the top of your screen confirms call divert is active

To cancel your call divert, select Disable in the previous step, select Voice calls

Turn all options Off

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