Porting Uk Geographic/Non Geogrphic Numbers

Porting geographic and non-geographic numbers in the UK follows specific regulations set by Ofcom, the regulatory authority for telecommunications in the UK. Here’s a general overview:

  1. Geographic Numbers: These are numbers that are associated with specific geographic locations, such as landline numbers. Porting these numbers involves transferring them from one telecommunications provider to another while retaining the same area code (e.g., 020 for London). Porting geographic numbers typically takes around 10 working days, although it can sometimes be faster.
  2. Non-Geographic Numbers: These are numbers that are not tied to a specific geographic location, such as freephone (0800) or premium rate numbers (09). Porting these numbers involves transferring them from one provider to another without changing the number itself. The time it takes to port non-geographic numbers can vary depending on the type of number and the providers involved.

When porting any type of number, there are certain steps that need to be followed:

  • Contacting the Current Provider: You need to inform your current telecommunications provider that you want to port your number to TISA. They will provide you with a Porting Authorization Code (PAC) or a Service Provider Porting Authorisation Code (SPAC) depending on the type of number.
  • Contacting TISA: Once you have the necessary code from your current provider, you need to provide it to TISA along with details of the number you wish to port.
  • Waiting Period: There is typically a waiting period during which the porting process takes place. During this time, you may experience some downtime with your service.
  • Completion: Once the porting process is complete, your number will be active with TISA.

It’s essential to check with both your current provider  and TISA for specific requirements and timelines as they may vary between companies. Additionally, ensure that you have fulfilled any contractual obligations with your current provider before initiating the porting process to avoid any penalties.

Kindly fill in the below form to initiate number porting with TISA for geographic and non-geographic numbers.